Warmth and dew at 11 o'clock in the morning

The aroma of pine trees fills the garden

The sweet echo left by the viridity of fresh flowers infuses the space

garden of joseon

Refreshing gel formula

our story

  1. Small Happiness Wallpaper_March

    As the world transforms in March, we announce the beginning of spring with the 2023 Small Happiness project, a follow-up to the small happiness cal...
  2. Small Happiness Calendar Letter_December

    If you walk up the narrow alley and look back a bit, you can see the heart of Seoul, lined with modern buildings snuggled up next to hanok. Bukchon...
  3. Small Happiness Calendar Letter_October

    There are many special days in October in Korea. One of them is Hanbok Day on October 21st. Hanbok is the traditional ethnic Korean clothing style ...
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