Beauty Of Joseon Story

by LeeLeah

Hi, Beauties!

Thank you for the amazing support and love for our brand.
It has been over 5 years since the launch of Joseon Beauty's first product, Joseon Beauty Cream.
Do you remember Binghegak Lee, who we introduced to you on Women's Day?
The book 'Regulation Book (Gyuhap Chongseo)' written by Bing Heo-gak Lee is a great inspiration for the launch of Beauty of Joseon.
This book contains ways to enrich women's lives to be more convenient in daily life such as skincare tips, clothing, farming, prenatal care, parenting advice, and organizing homes.

Inspired by this book, our brand made products from herbal ingredients that have been used since the Joseon Dynasty.
Oriental medicine ingredients are healthy ingredients that have been consumed as medicinal herbs and food for a long time, and they are also excellent skincare ingredients.
Whenever we make a new skincare product, we think about suitable herbal ingredients for each skin type and combine modern ingredients that create the most synergy to make a great product with the intent of “giving a present”.

BOJ will continue to grow with our customers and always think about making good products.
We will always refer to and learn from the many opinions of our customers, and try our best to reflect them in our products.