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Healthy Hanbang ingredients in BOJ

The aesthetic sense during the Joseon Dynasty, which inspired us, focused on inner beauty rather than outer beauty. During that time, people used water from washing rice as a toner or honey residue as a mask pack by putting it on the face and removing it after a certain period of time. In addition, various herbal ingredients were used to keep the skin healthy such as washing the face with grain powder and cutting the tips off of cucumbers and rubbing them on the skin. Such wisdom inspires our skincare products today.


The first Hanbang ingredient is 'Ginseng' which has long been regarded as an precious herbal medicin for eternal you in Korean history. It has an excellent effect on preventing skin aging. The 'Saponin' abundantly contained in ginseng is effective in preventing pigmentation and wrinkles caused by UV rAYS. It is also known to promote hydration (moisturizaition effect) of the skin, which helps to protect the skin from external stimuli by retaining moisture deep in the skin for a long time. According to Donguibogam in Joseon Dynasty, the medical record of Korean medicine, Ginseng is recorded as follows. "Ginseng stabilizes the mind, calms the nerves, stops the heart beating from shock, and activates brain activity. In addition, it is effective for those who are weak, those with low body temperature and who get cold easily, those who sweat a lot, and who have a weak digestive function"


The second Hanbang ingredient is 'Green plum' Korean green plums have been called green remedy since ancient times, and have been used as herbal medicine Green plum contains natural AHA ingredients, such as citric acid, and play a part in activating keratinocytes, helping to gently remove over-keratinized dead skin cells and skin impurities from the skin surface. According to Donguibogam(medical record of Joseon), it is recorded that plums are sour and non-poisonous, and calm the mind as well as restore vitality. Also, there is a saying that plums eliminate 3 poisons 'poison in food, poison in blood, poison in water'. Plums contain picric acid, which helps relieve food poisoning and stomachaches. In Korea, plums are used in a variety of ways. They are mixed in alcohol and left to age for several years. They are also mixed in sugar and left for several weeks, then consumed in carbonated or flat water, or pickled in salt and then mixed in red pepper paste to be eaten as a side dish with rice "Plums not only reduce fever and eliminate heartburn, but also calm the mind, eliminate thirst, alleviate diarrhea, and help muscles and blood flow regain vitality" - Donguibogam (medical record of Joseon Dynasty)


The 3rd ingredient is 'Rice' Rice has long been used as a healthy food and skincare ingredient throughout Korean history. Rice bran is rich in amino acids and minerals, moisturizes dry skin and brightens it, and also plays a role in soothing sensitive skin. In Korea, rice from 'Icheon' has been regarded as the best since ancient times and was even offered to the king of Joseon “Rice soothes the energy of the stomach, makes you full, warms the stomach, and stops dysentery. It also improves vitality and removes stuffiness.”


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