Small Happiness Calendar Letter_June

Small Happiness Calendar Letter_June

Do you remember Shin Saimdang we introduced on Women's Day in March?
Shin Saimdang, an iconic female painter of the mid-Joseon Dynasty, left outstanding works that surmounted the discrimination against and limited activities allowed for women at that time.
Among her works, Chochungdo is a wonderful painting of grass and insects that is known to contain the wishes of the people of Joseon.

The theme of BOJ's June calendar is Chochungdo. The dianthus chinensis drawn in the illustration symbolizes youth as being like green bamboo that always stands upright while the lily, butterfly, and ginseng carry the meaning of longevity. Celosia is for wishing promotion to a high-ranking position because its shape resembles the crest of a rooster.
The dung beetle has a hard shell and was considered to be wearing armor (甲 gab), with 'gab' here symbolizing prominence.
Large watermelons and Korean melons symbolize fertility.

The Chochungdo calendar for June contains our sincere hope that all your wishes come true.

Every month, it will be available on Instagram Story during the first week of the month.

✅ Calendar ver.

✅ Wallpaper ver.

Instagram Highlights and their links allow you to download the calendar and wallpaper :)

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