Small Happiness Calendar Letter_Sep

by LeeLeah

Have you ever heard of Hangawi?

Hangawi is another name for Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving.
"Han" means big and "gawi" means the middle of autumn. So it means a big day in the middle of August. On Hangawi,
you can see the biggest and most beautiful full moon of autumn.

The colorful, half-moon-shaped rice cake in the illustration is a traditional Korean rice cake called songpyeon.
The whole family gathered together to make songpyeon and eat it, giving thanks for the year's harvest.
Also, it is a long-held belief that if you wish upon the full moon drawn in the illustration, your dream will come true.

How about making your wishes come true while looking at the beautiful full moon ?

✅ Calendar ver.

✅ Wallpaper ver.

Instagram Highlights and their links allow you to download the calendar and wallpaper :)